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EDGAR RED is a loud and rowdy hard rock band based in Louisville, Kentucky. Formed by Matt "Red" Moore and Mack Keiffer, the band has been active since 2017. Edgar Red's music is characterized by heavy guitar riffage, pounding drums, and most notably Red's grungy high vocal range, often being compared to the lates Chris Cornell and Layne Staley. On drums is Michael Stone.

The band has released one album, an LP simply titled EDGAR RED (2018).

Edgar Red has toured areas of the Northeast, Midwest, and Southeast United States and will expand their trek to more south-western regions in 2022.

EDGAR RED (2018) was recorded at Goldsmith Studio with Brian Cronin in Louisville, KY, mixed at Jackpot! Studios by Larry Crane in Portland, OR, and mastered in Louisville by Donnie Bott. The album features lead guitar work by Greg Martin (Kentucky Headhunters) on two songs and drum performance by Paul Culligan (Days of the New) on all seven songs.

The album also features a song written by Michael Bowman titled "Mississippi Driftin'". Artwork for album was created by Shannon Swope.

While EDGAR RED features a wide variety of genre, the band's sound today is most accurately exemplified by the songs "Orange Skill Billy" and "Carolina Lemonade", which have become staples of Edgar Red's live show.



"Kicking [Roostertail Music Festival 2019] into high gear with loud, rowdy style was Edgar Red. This young band has a sound unique to today’s rock bands. Their sound is more of a throwback to the 90’s grunge rockers with a splash of classic 70’s rock. Complete with guitar riffs and Viking horns, Edgar Red brought high energy to get the crowd warmed up for a night full of great rock and country music."

-The Oklahoma Review (2019)


"You don't find many songs that are so dedicated to rocking the f***ing house like Edgar Red's "Carolina Lemonade". This is blues-based rock goodness to make the Led Zeppelin gods giggle in delight. This is music that needs muscle cars, strippers, beer, the American flag flying high, and an overflowing bucket of F*** You. [Red] can sing like a banshee, can rip a guitar into shreds, and will tear your heart into a million pieces with pure rock 'n roll majesty."

-Home Unknown (2019)


-Whiskey Myers 

-Sebastian Bach


-Brent Cobb 

-American Aquarium

-Justin Wells

-Lovesick Radio

-The Turnpike Troubadours

-Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band

-Signal the Revolution

-Elephant Room

*Plus many more

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